DIRECTV for Fast Food Restaurants

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As a fast food restaurant owner, you and your team serve guests hot, delicious food and tasty cold drinks. While that’s admirable, it’s only one part of the total dining experience. It’s also important to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. You already offer free Wi-Fi, which is great. Now it’s time to bring DIRECTV to your dining room and lobby.  People crave entertainment wherever they go. This is why DIRECTV is a great addition to your fast food restaurant.  

DIRECTV Entertains Your Dine-In Customers

Most fast food restaurants offer fast service, especially for customers in the drive thru.  Dine in customers have a longer wait, especially during breakfast and lunch rushes.  Having DIRECTV in your restaurant gives your diners something to enjoy while your crew fills their order.  It also gives customers an excuse to stay a little longer, especially during slower times. This encourages them to order more items off your menu, which increases your profits.

DIRECTV for Indoor Play Areas

Does your fast food restaurant have a outdoor playscape or indoor playground?  DIRECTV is the perfect amenity for this area of your business.  It’s a huge hit with the parents and grandparents who bring kids to your restaurant.  Think about it. While the kids are horsing around, the adults can enjoy their favorite shows. DIRECTV offers a variety of satellite TV programming and local channels for your diners.

DIRECTV for Fast Food Employees and Managers        

When you and your staff take breaks, most of you grab a seat out in the dining room.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to watch while you chill out during your shift?  DIRECTV is your answer.  The channel selection and high-definition reception are both second to none.  If you think your customers will enjoy watching their favorite shows, so will you and your team.

DIRECTV is a great value

Are you concerned about the cost of DIRECTV in your fast food restaurant? We can solve that. We have plans for every budget and you’ll be amazed at what you get.

The Best DIRECTV Commercial Account Customer Service

When you work with Signal Connect, you get the best DIRECTV customer support.  We provide the right satellite equipment, DIRECTV package, and hassle-free activation.   We also provide free customer service for the lifetime of your plan.  If you have a question or need changes made to your account, just pick up the phone and call us at 866-726-4182.

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