How to Survive Lockdown on a Ship

Cruise lines are one of the most affected segments of businesses. The current world pandemic took everyone by surprise and forced governments to take drastic measures. Some of the people have lost their jobs, others are forced to work from home and organize their time and space to boost productivity, and others are on the cruise of their life or working on a ship.

Whoever thought that ships are safe from the virus, was wrong. Even though ships and the crews spend most of their time traveling on the sea, they also stop at ports. But because every country took drastic measures and imposed quarantine measures, the ship crew is forced to spend lockdown on their ship, with their colleagues.

According to the reviews of Melanie Griffin, the remote essay writer from the Dissertation writing services, who has a ship and likes to travel a lot on it, the ship crew is often forced and used to sharing small spaces between team members. At the same time, cruise ships that host over 2000 people are more prone to catching the disease, as the number of passengers and crew members is huge. There are a few ships that are currently on lockdown, some that have people who caught the coronavirus and others who just have influenza-like symptoms.

The novel coronavirus can be deadly for old people and others that have pre-existing medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to catching the disease. However, most ships and cruise ships took some measures to limit the interaction of people and thus spread the disease. On ships that are smaller than cruise ones, lockdown can be more bearable, as the crew has to work every day and so they keep themselves busy.

Surviving lockdown on a ship can be a real challenge for some people, as they are away from their friends and families and they need to keep good morale. But negative feelings and emotions can arise easily, so how do you manage lockdown on a ship?

  1. Prevent boredom
  2. Get in touch with your family and friends regularly
  3. Exercise
  4. Maintain a balance
  5. Support your crew colleagues

Prevent Boredom

Routine can be easily installed, as you do the same tasks every single day. We do not know how much time this pandemic will last, but its negative effects on people and their mental health are easy to observe. Especially in the cases of people that must survive lockdown far from their families and homes.

Lockdown will last at least two weeks, so the routine will easily be installed. And while it can help you have something to do every day, it can have negative effects on your mental health too.

For some people, a routine is helpful as it gives the action and tasks necessary to make the time pass by faster. But some people have a more dynamic and spontaneous lifestyle, so surviving lockdown on a ship can turn to be a real challenge. Especially if they are bored to death.

One useful way to survive lockdown on a ship is to prevent boredom. How can you do this? You can organize activities and games to play with your crew, such as quizzes or deck games. Even though you might think that no matter how much you try you cannot prevent boredom, this is not the case. You can interact with your colleagues and play games together. You can even organize movie nights to make your evenings on the ship more entertaining.

Get in Touch with Your Family and Friends Regularly

Surviving lockdown on a ship, far away from the comfort of your home and the support of your friends and family can be a real challenge. But these lockdown measures are necessary to stop the spread of the virus, and many ships that traveled the world and stopped in many ports are now forced to survive lockdown.

Being away from your dearest ones during these times marked by uncertainty, disease, and danger can be emotionally draining. Getting in touch regularly with them can help your mental health, as a simple video call with your spouse and children can brighten your day. It can make you more optimistic and surviving lockdown on a ship can be more bearable than before.

Humans are sociable creatures. We have the inborn need to be part of a group or community, not only because this raises our chances of survival, but because social support is good for our mental health. Maintaining social connection during lockdown can be like a breath of fresh air.


Even though ships are small and the crew shares small spaces, for sure there is a place that gives you the space you need to exercise. Even though exercising might seem like an odd solution for survival lockdown on a ship, experts from essay writing help say that it’s a great method to combat routine.

Few people know that exercising on a ship can be one of the best coping mechanisms. Needing to survive lockdown on a ship is emotionally draining and exercise can be that activity that saves you from boredom and negative emotions.

It’s clear that you do not have enough space for jogging, but there are lots of other exercising forms you can adopt. You can do stretching, yoga poses, or strength exercises. No matter what form of exercising you adopt, it will make you feel good.

Exercising is known to trigger the release of endorphins, the hormones that make you feel good after a good sports session. Endorphins are also considered natural painkillers and they minimize discomfort, so it seems they are a good way to cope with a lockdown on a ship.

Maintain a Balance

If you need to survive lockdown on a ship, it is easy to lose your tolerance and temper more often. You can easily be overwhelmed by negative emotions, by frustrations, sadness, rage, or fear. We are not living the best times, so negative emotions are normal to appear.

However, it is about their intensity that makes them unhealthy. Your emotions have a direct influence on your thoughts which in turn affect your behavior. It is easy to be mean with your colleagues or intolerant of their habits because being away from your dearest ones during these times of uncertainty is difficult.

But to survive lockdown on a ship successfully, you need to maintain a balance between your negative and positive emotions. Ship captains recommend the crew to be understanding of each other’s way to cope with this situation and to find hobbies and activities that help them maintain a healthy balance.

For example, some crew members might be more open and willing to discuss the coronavirus problem and its progress in the world. Knowing more and more about the subject can be a relief for some. But for others, discussing the only coronavirus can be draining and might nurture more negative emotions and feelings.

These endless discussions can make someone feel helpless, especially if he is far away from his family and home. Be mindful and strive to maintain a balance between positivity and negativity. Accept that negative feelings are normal during these abnormal times.

Support Your Crew Colleagues

Experienced seafarers are used to being away from their homes for quite some long time, so they might have an easier time coping with a lockdown on a ship. However, in every ship crew, there are a few team members that do not have so much experience dealing with long times away from their homes. These people need extra attention and care because they have quite a hard time.

Because they are inexperienced seafarers, they might have a hard time getting used to the routine of every day. This might make some negative feelings arise, and this is because they need to find their own way to cope with longing for the family. At the same time, being so far away from your dear ones during this world pandemic might intensify those negative feelings. There is always the possibility of a family member to catch the disease or have a problem. And the desire to help them might make the whole process of surviving lockdown on a ship more painful.

Support your colleagues that have a much harder time coping with this new situation. Be understanding of their feelings and thoughts and keep in mind that social support is known to improve one’s ability to cope with stressful situations and alleviate the effects of emotional distress. The crew is the family you are locked down with for now, so having someone to turn to in times of distress and crisis can be very uplifting and helpful.


Surviving a lockdown on a ship can be a real challenge for every crew member. No matter how much experience you have as a seafarer, these times are marked by uncertainty and disease, so finding ways to cope with it can be difficult.

Support your crew members and find ways to prevent boredom, such as playing deck games or watching movies together. Maintain contact with your family and dear ones via video or audio calls and find the time and space for exercising a little bit every day. Strive to maintain a healthy balance between positivity and negativity.

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