NICE AND EASY: What happens to your DIRECTV NOW locals when you travel?

One of the benefits of DIRECTV NOW over other streaming services is that DIRECTV NOW has local channels in nearly every market. Others don’t come close and some services don’t even try. But what happens when you travel?

No one seems to agree.

The funny thing is that right now, as I write this article, there seems to be some disagreement as to what you’ll get when you travel. Here are your options:

You’ll get no local channels at all.

This is the official DIRECTV NOW answer. You have to be in your local market to get local channels. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone.

You’ll get the local channels for the area you’re in.

A lot of people I’ve asked will say they get local channels for wherever they are, no matter where they are. Atlanta locals in Atlanta, Boston locals in Boston. From A to Z, you’ll get locals for the city closest to you when you travel. That’s what some folks say.

You’ll still get your local channels no matter where you are.

There are a few people on the internet who will tell you that no matter where you are, you’ll still get the same locals. I personally can’t confirm that, but there are some people who swear it’s true. I can’t believe that because it seems like it would be against some sort of FCC rule. But it’s possible at any rate.

What’s your experience?

DIRECTV NOW subscribers, if you’ve gotten to the bottom of this article, what’s your experience? Leave a comment below and let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this. Personally there have been times I’ve gotten local channels for my area but then most of the time I don’t get any local channels at all when I travel.

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