Why should you trust a DIRECTV dealer instead of just calling… directly?

If you’re thinking about satellite TV service, you might be thinking about DIRECTV. After all, they’re the largest satellite TV service in the world, the only one with every single major league sports package, and the only one that lets you bundle with America’s best wireless service and fastest internet. I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to jump in with the 25 million other people who enjoy it.

So you’re ready to make the plunge, and you have a last-minute choice — you can call DIRECTV’s main number, or you can work with your closest DIRECTV dealer. You get to thinking, why does DIRECTV even have separate dealers in the first place? Why would anyone want to work with them instead of just going to the main number? The answer is simple.

Yes, DIRECTV dealers are a real thing.
Let’s clear this up right now. DIRECTV licenses thousands of local dealers (including Solid Signal) to provide a level of service that they just can’t. DIRECTV itself is great for the “typical” installation but when it comes to personalized service, a local dealer in your neighborhood is going to be able to answer questions that no one else can. Even better, a dealer like Solid Signal combines a national footprint with personalized service. When you call Solid Signal, you can talk to the person you talked to last week. That’s no problem. Try that with DIRECTV’s 40,000 person international call center operation.

No, DIRECTV dealers aren’t just washed up installers who will mess up everything.
When you get DIRECTV service from a DIRECTV dealer you’re usually going to get installation done by a certified DIRECTV tech. In many cases they’re actually even DIRECTV employees, but even if they’re not they still have to live up to that level of quality. The only difference with a local dealer is that you have more options. With DIRECTV, they send the equipment they think you need. With a dealer, you can request a specific model, tell people in advance that you need a special type of installation, or get custom install services that DIRECTV just won’t give you.

Yes, it’s like having your cake and eating it too.
The whole purpose of DIRECTV’s dealer network is to give you the choice of working with a small company that really cares. You won’t get lost in the shuffle when you’re working with a DIRECTV dealer like Solid Signal. We take care of every single customer and we are ready to help any way we can.

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