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Thread: Can the 4k genie or its clients be used for regular HD?

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    Can the 4k genie or its clients be used for regular HD?

    So I'm I the process of moving. I called DTV to set up my move, and they up-sold me on 4k service with the HR54 claiming I could still use the new system on the 'regular' HD tv's as well as the one standard set tv. When the installer arrived, he stated that ALL the tv's had to be 4k for the new system to work, and could not be set up without all the TV's in the house (only had one non-4k there at the time...). He claimed that he ran into this issue at least a few times a week.

    So what gives? Is their fancy new service not backward-compatible with older TV's? That would seem strange, as the service would only be useful for a very small percentage of their customer base if that was truly the case...

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    Sorry for the delay. You can use any 4K equipment on regular tv's as well but the 4K client boxes will nag you if they are connected to hdtvs. You can connect HD clients to the Dvr with no problem however.

    In short, the installer has no idea what he is saying.

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    I have 4 HDTVs, one of which in 4k. Asked installer to install 2 4k minis, one is on the 4k tv, the other on normal HDTV. Works fine. Installer said he will only put the 4K mini on regular HDTV if you insist. Told him I was replacing that tv soon for a 4k, so no problem. If I had pushed the issue, I think I could have had him put them on all TVs.


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