An Internet Solution for Boats and RVs

Do you want wireless internet on the go in your boat or RV? Our Signal Connect has a solution that’s more affordable and effective than satellite internet!

Many boat owners and RV owners want internet on the go. How do we know this? Because our Signal Connect division gets calls and emails from these folks who want internet that they count on wherever they go. Some of them want to access this service while their boat or RV is moving. (Usually, this is for their passengers and guests, since no one should surf the web while driving!) Stationary, home satellite internet won’t exactly work in these applications, but the folks in our Signal Connect division have your solution. They suggest using a cellular iPad or Samsung tablet as a connected laptop.

Internet Solution for Boats and RVs

A cellular tablet as a laptop? The idea isn’t as wild as some might think, says Signal Connect’s John Fitzpatrick. As an AT&T mobility account manager, John sells AT&T wireless plans and cell phones to individuals and businesses across the country. Through his experience, he’s able to see that the line between a tablet and a laptop is a small one. John explained. “Adding a low-cost Bluetooth keyboard case nearly turns it into a laptop, and many people use their iPads as their laptops this way. Since it’s cellular, there’s no need for WiFi.”

Here are four steps to turning your cellular-connected tablet into something that’s represents a laptop:

  1. Get a keyboard case for your iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Book that comes with an attached keyboard.
  2. Add as many work-related apps and cloud-based apps as you need and are available. For example, Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online for word processing, and Excel for spreadsheets. (Note: you might not be able to have as many apps on your tablet as you do your laptop or desktop.)
  3. Don’t forget your streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. It’s a great way to stream shows and/or live TV when you’re on the water or the road.
  4. If you or your traveling companions are gamers, you might want to invest in a Bluetooth-enabled gaming control pad. (Note: these devices are still relatively new but it’s a start in the right direction.)

John says that boat and RV owners who want internet – particularly internet on the go – should use this option. It requires adding a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your cellular tablet. It costs an extra $20/month, assuming you get a standard AT&T wireless package that includes unlimited talk and data for two cell phones. (The tablet becomes an additional line.) “You and your guests can use it as much as you want, any time you want,” he added. (Note: offshore connectivity is limited and it can vary depending upon the area, how far out to sea you go, and other factors.)

It’s a Streaming Solution, Too!

Do you like streaming movies and live TV when you hit the road or head out on the water? If so, a cellular tablet is a great solution. With an AT&T unlimited data plan, you can use your iPad or Samsung tablet to stream DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, or any other streaming package. It’s great for watching your favorite shows when you park or anchor, but your guests can also enjoy TV while your vehicle is in motion. Let we said before, satellite internet can’t do this but an AT&T wireless plan can.

A Cost-Effective Internet Solution

You spend a lot on your boat or RV. Signal Connect gets that, so they want to deliver mobile internet at a price you can afford. John said that when customers purchase a cellular iPad through Signal Connect, it’s just like getting a new cell phone. “You pay for it in interest-free installments over 20 months,” he added. “And if you ever choose to stop using it for a cellular internet connection, it still works on WiFi.” You might also want to know that a tablet on AT&T’s unlimited plan has its own hotspot of 15g a month, which can be used to connect more devices.

Signal Connect is Your AT&T Preferred Dealer

Signal Connect gets a lot of calls from boat and RV owners looking for easy internet service. Adding a tablet to an AT&T unlimited wireless plan is our reps’ recommendation. “It’s the best way to get reliable internet service for people who are on the go,” John explained. “This is usually the case with people who spend a lot of time on their boat or in an RV.” Are you considering an AT&T wireless plan? John and the rest of the Signal Connect team are happy to help you.

As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, Signal Connect has your cellular solution. Whether you own a boat, RV, or even a big rig, they can match you with an unlimited phone and data plan and the latest iPhone and Samsung devices. (Hint: Ask them about Signal Connect’s latest deals and promotions to see if you qualify.) If you want to know more, give them a call at 888-233-7563 or fill out the form below and click “submit.”

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