Have another hot dog: Solid Signal’s offices are closed today.

Solid Signal’s offices are closed today to let our 100% US-based workforce spend some time with their families. For much of the country it’s the end of summer, and for our southern friends, it’s the beginning of the cooler season, when being outside is tolerable.

Of course our web site is open today but our warehouse won’t be fulfilling orders. Most of our shipping partners are closed today as well, so it wouldn’t matter if anyone was around in the warehouse.

Labor Day, as a holiday, is about more than just hot links and beer — it celebrates the average American worker and all those contributions that he or she makes to the world’s economy. It’s a day to put your feet up and enjoy the fruits of that labor before setting into working hard during the winter months.

Because, you know, Christmas decorations should be showing up in stores sometime about Thursday, am I right?

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