AT&T TV adds regional sports networks

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AT&T continues to become more valuable, as its competitors continue to falter. They’ve added five regional sports networks, just in time for the beginning of the shortened baseball season and the conclusion of the delayed basketball season. The timing couldn’t be better.

Here’s what you can get

If you’re in the right markets, you will be able to get one of these regional sports networks:

  • AT&T Sportsnet Southwest: Houston Astros and Houston Rockets
  • AT&T Sportsnet Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Penguins
  • AT&T Sportsnet Rocky Mountain: Utah Jazz, Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Rockies
  • NESN: Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins
  • MASN: Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals

These channels will only be available in their home regions. As I write this, there won’t be any “Sports Pack” such as you find on DIRECTV satellite. Also, it’s worth noting that major league baseball didn’t lift their blackout rules for this year. I don’t know why, because this would be the year to do it. But that’s a subject for another article, maybe on another blog.

How does AT&T TV compare to other live TV streaming services?

With the addition of these five channels, AT&T dominates local sports compared to any other live TV service. Most other live TV services focus on national channels. That makes sense, since those contracts are generally easier. When it comes to offering local channels, you have literally thousands of local contracts to negotiate, with very large and very small companies.

Only AT&T has really spent the time to do those contracts in most markets. Remember, almost every top-rated show is available first on local television. So is almost every sporting event. Local television is the reason a lot of people still watch television, and only AT&T TV does it right.

What if these sports channels aren’t enough?

AT&T TV is an excellent choice for many people. It’s easy to self-install and gives a very modern and integrated experience. But, it’s not designed for really top-tier users. If you want the premier television experience, you need DIRECTV satellite. DIRECTV offers more sports than anyone else and more local content as well. No one else can offer you the combination of programs that DIRECTV can.

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