CES 2017: What year is it again?

So this article’s a little off topic. As in, none of these items are for sale at Solid Signal, and none are likely to be. Maybe if I had a DeLorean and could go back and sell them a decade or so back?

I found all of these items at a single booth and it made me wonder exactly who is buying this stuff. I know that vinyl is back in style with some folks, but is there an explanation for the boom boxes?

These may look like smartwatches, but they’re digital watches. As in, 1978 called and they want their timepiece back.

The question about a portable DVD player is… who even has DVDs anymore?

And finally I present to you, this item found sitting on the side of a faux-woodgrained record player. I have no explanation for this… in fact I tried to flag someone down to ask where you even get someone to manufacture a cassette tape player.

This booth had me hornswoggled. And I would like to point out this wasn’t a startup, this was a holding company that had the rights to Curtis Mathes, Sylvania, RCA, and other storied brands and had been producing things like this for over a decade. Someone must be buying them.

Or they’ve finally cracked time travel. You be the judge.