CES 2020: I had the Impossible Pork

No, we won’t sell it at Solid Signal. But a guy’s gotta eat.

Last year Impossible Foods stole the show with its Impossible Burger 2.0, a plant-based patty that looks and tastes like a really high-quality burger. You might have had the chance to try one at the local Burger King or White Castle. It may not be your cup of tea, but you’ll have to agree it’s a lot lot lot better than any veggie burger patty you may have tried before.

And now Impossible Foods is back.

What you see above is the Impossible Pork. In this case it’s in a Banh Mi. For the uninitiated, that’s a traditional Vietnamese hoagie roll, more or less. It was just a sample, but there was enough there for me to get an idea of what it was all about.

Representatives from Impossible Foods say that Impossible Pork is made from similar materials to the Impossible Burger. In other words, it’s mostly soy, along with other vegetable proteins and flavorings. The company will be seeking certification to make Impossible Pork both kosher and halal, and the product is also gluten-free.

While they aren’t saying that the product is specifically designed for those people who love pork too much to strictly observe their religion’s dietary laws, the Impossible folks are saying that they want people to enjoy the flavors they choose, and feel good about the impact to the environment. Raising both cows and pigs is a wasteful process. It takes a lot more animal feed to raise a cow or pig than the volume of meat that is produced, and that’s bad for the environment. Impossible Meat is also free of antibiotics and other chemicals that are routinely found in real farmed meat.

How did it taste?

Pretty darn good.

I gotta tell you if no one had told me this was faux pork I would never have known. The consistency was a bit lighter than most pork I have had. I don’t know if this product could be pulled like most barbecue I’ve had. The sample was ground. But it tasted just like pork and it had the same general feeling as eating real meat.

I would recommend this product for barbecues or any time you’re inviting trendy vegans over. I don’t know when it will hit the market… they’re building it as fast as they can. Mine isn’t the only good review so I’m sure the demand is going to be through the roof.

But no we won’t sell it at Solid Signal.

There are a lot of great products at SolidSignal.com, but Impossible Pork is not one of them. It may not be real meat but it is real food and we’re just not qualified or certified to sell that sort of thing. So, please do me a favor and shop for your favorite consumer electronics products at Solid Signal. As far as your craving for factory-made meat substitutes you’re going to have to look elsewhere. So sorry about that.

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