CES2015: DISH doubles down with 4K Joey, Voice Remote

When it comes to pay-TV services, DISH owns CES and they have for several years. The company uses CES for its launchpad for new products every year and we expect a big booth just as we have for the last several years.

This year, DISH brings three exciting new innovations to its customers:

4K Joey is an extension of the existing Hopper system that adds the ability to play 4K content (pictured above. It will connect to an existing Hopper with Sling and give access to 4K streaming content and presumably also DISH 4K content when and if it’s available. For those unwilling to wait, the 4K Joey will also let you view two programs in full HD side-by-side, which is an industry first for a set-top box.

DISH’s new Chrome interface simplifies the viewing experience and catapults DISH past other providers in providing a clean, contemporary viewing experience. It’s expected to be available on 4K Joey, and there’s no word yet if it will be scaled down to work on DISH’s HD product line.

The new Voice Remote features a combination touchpad/number pad that also includes the ability to use voice recognition similar to the way DIRECTV uses Voice Search in its apps. This remote looks quite similar to a touch-enabled remote shown all the way back at the 2009 CES for DISH’s 922 DVR. That remote never saw production, perhaps because of the high cost of production. Touch technology has advanced quite a bit in the last six years and we expect that this time DISH will release this remote.

DISH also promises access to the Vevo and Lyve (photo sharing) apps on its Hopper devices, complimenting its Netflix app revealed just a few weeks ago. It really seems like DISH is serious about melding traditional pay TV with streaming TV everywhere that’s possible.

The rollout for all three products is expected sometime in the second quarter, and if DISH has the products on display in its booth, you can bet that our blog team will show you on-sidte pictures!

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