CES2015: Wilson Electronics announces weBoost!

Get ready for the biggest news in cellular this year! Wilson Electronics, a pioneer in cellular technology, has completely rebranded itself and launched a ton of new products. The company is now called weBoost and they’re launching all-new boosters to compete more effectively in the market. You may remember that around this time last year, Wilson bought zBoost, its largest competitor, and the all-new 2015 product line reflects a lot of the zBoost thinking, making these the best boosters we’ve sold so far!

These are the new weBoost products which will ship in the next few months. What you see here are completely new designs that look really contemporary, rather than the blue faux-heat-sink design of previous Wilson products. The adjustment screws are gone as well, replaced by advanced auto gain control that’s constantly adjusting to give you the most power without overloading. The consumer products are also switching to RG6 cabling with F connectors, meaning that they’ll be easier than ever to cable especially if you have some cable installed in the house already.

The existing zBoost line, most of which competes with the new weBoost boosters, has been attractively clad in the new corporate black color. No word yet on how long both product lines will coexist.

This is still a developing story so we’ve got a lot more to tell you! Once the blog team is safe back in our offices we’ll pore through the pile of product literature to see what can be shared with you, and of course we’ll be announcing preorders on the new products when they become available.

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