DIRECTV adds GSN and FM in HD

It’s a move that’s sure to please at least one person. For those who have complained that DIRECTV isn’t adding HD channels like they used to, there’s some great news. DIRECTV turned on two HD channels today, and while they may not be the ones you were hoping for, I think we can all agree that more HD is better HD.

GSN, formerly known as Game Show Network, is a general entertainment channel that does, you guessed it, play a lot of game shows. FM channel plays music videos and reruns of reality programming. You’ll find GSN on channel 233, while FM is on channel 386. Favorites lists may not pick up the new channels and may actually remove the old channels now that there are both SD and HD versions of the programs. Be sure to add them back manually if you want them.

OK, so I just checked both channels, because I want you all to have a good experience, and they’re currently both playing SD feeds on their HD channels. But hey, give them a few days to work out the bugs. As you would expect, neither channel has a logo assigned to them yet, this usually takes 4-6 weeks while that information percolates down from DIRECTV’s servers.

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