DIRECTV Gives You 4K Olympics

You wanted it, you’ll get it. DIRECTV will be showing even more Olympics in 4k — more than any other provider, on channel 106. This is the best 4K coverage you can get and although the schedule’s not public yet, it should be even more coverage than Comcast subscribers get.

Why is that surprising? Comcast owns NBC, and NBC has the rights to the Olympics. Yet, DIRECTV will be getting far more 4K coverage than anyone else, even though it’s being supplied by NBC. Go figure.

If you want that 4K goodness and you don’t have a 4K setup yet, you need to act quickly. You’ll need a DIRECTV HR54 DVR or Genie 2 Server, plus a C61K Genie Mini Client or DIRECTV 4K-ready TV. You’ll also need a 4K-capable dish. A technician can do the installation for you or you can choose to do it yourself — either way is fine with us at Solid Signal.

With 4K coverage, you’ll see every tiny ice chip during figure skating, every snowflake during the skiing events. It just can’t be beat!

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Stuart Sweet
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