DIRECTV Movies Extra Pack free trial going on Now!

More stuff. Free stuff. It’s all yours today through May 24 as DIRECTV rolls out a free preview of its Movies Extra Pack. Movies Extra channels have great content that’s not available anywhere else in the DIRECTV lineup and you can get 3 free months of this great programming now. Start here… it’s free for everyone this week. If you like what you see, why not give it a whirl for a few months?

This is quality stuff that you won’t find anywhere else and DIRECTV brings it all to you! Fill your DVR with everything you can… when DIRECTV has a free preview the stuff you record won’t go away after the preview does.

As a reminder, here’s the lineup for the HD Extra Pack:

565 – Hallmark Movie Channel HD
566 – HDNet Movies
567 – MGM HD
568 – Sony Movie Channel HD
569 – Universal HD
570 – Smithsonian HD
571 – Crime & Investigation HD
572 – Palladia HD
573 – Shorts HD

What is the Movies Extra Pack?

The Movies Extra Pack used to be known as the HD Extra Pack. The name change is actually pretty recent. It started out as a way to bundle together channels that didn’t have SD versions, but since it’s 2018 and no one really watches SD anyway, it was rebranded. You’ll find channels from Sony, MGM, Universal and HDNet full of older movies. If you’re a classic movies fan you will love these. You’ll also get really top notch documentaries from Smithsonian, and Kleenex fans will find everything they hoped for with the Hallmark Movie Channel.

The movies you’ll find here aren’t available on streaming services or anywhere else unless you rent them individually, which makes the Movies Extra Pack a really fantastic value.

Is it worth it?

Of course you have to decide for yourself, but I think the Movies Extra Pack is worth a few extra dollars. Start with this week’s free preview. Generally an additional 3-month preview is available from and I expect that to be the case again here. After the preview is over, log into your account at or and you should be able to add a 3-month free preview of the Movies Extra Pack. After 3 months and a week, you’ll have a pretty good idea if these channels are worth your time.

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