DIRECTV Turns Your Bar into a Sports Bar

Bar owners, did you know the phrase “sports bars near me” is searched more than 300,000 times a month on Google? You might be thinking, “My business isn’t a sports bar.” It can be with the simple addition of DIRECTV and a sports viewing package. Look, what most people want is a cool place to watch the game, and it’s known that DIRECTV for bars fills that role. Best of all, this satellite TV service is more affordable than you might think. (Don’t let the cable companies fool you!) More importantly, DIRECTV can be a huge moneymaker for your bar! Solid Signal is here to tell you all about it.

How to Turn Your Bar into a Sports Bar

When you hear the words “sports bar,” what do you think of? Probably a business with wall-to-wall sports memorabilia for starters. You might also think about chicken wings, TVs, and team uniforms for your staff. While most of that other stuff is great, what most people searching for a “sports bar” really want is a cool place to watch the game. (Bonus points if you serve some delicious bar foods.) DIRECTV and a sports-viewing package turns your bar into the kind of “sports bar” that most paying customers are looking for.

Bar owners, you should want to offer all the big games to your customers. This is what they’re looking for, right? What it comes to sports programming, no one does it better than DIRECTV. Check out these four professional sports programming packages that are exclusive to the satellite TV provider:

  • MLB Extra Innings is perfect for baseball fans who want to catch every game.
  • DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a pro football fans dream come true. Bar owners can really make the most of this during football season.
  • Do you want to attract hockey fans? You need the NHL® Center Ice® package at your business.
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS delivers pro basketball games to your patrons.

Each of these viewing packages lets your customers watch most if not all of the home or away broadcasts of every team in the league. It also brings additional sports-related programming to your bar through specialized channels that come with these packages. You might think you get too much sports to watch, but we recommend having multiple receivers in your bar so you can give your customers everything.

“What About College Sports?”

You live in area with a popular college sports team, don’t you? If so, then you know how college sports fans are just as loyal and passionate about their teams as pro sports fans are. This is another reason to get DIRECTV at your bar. We recommend getting the Big Ten Network and SEC Network with your DIRECTV package. This turns your bar or restaurant into a place where college sports fans can stay for a while to watch the game. In other words, a proper sports bar. (Again, bonus points if your bar has an amazing food menu. You’ll find out why in a moment.)

DIRECTV Helps Bar Owners Succeed!

You want to increase your profits, don’t you? Well, DIRECTV can help you do that. Well, when your bar is playing the “big game,” people tend to stay longer and order more food and drinks. This is where having a dynamite food menu and drink selection really come in handy. (I told you this would come up again!) What we’re talking about here is a simple and reliable equation we like to call “beer math.” It can work for you, too! Just read this example that uses general numbers to illustrate the point:

  • A DIRECTV Commercial account with NFL Sunday Ticket for a bar that seats 51-100 people costs $2,314 per year. (Note: New customer fees vary depending upon the size of your business, number of receivers and TVs, type of viewing package, etc.)
  • Average time a customer stays at a bar without sports: 45 minutes
  • Average time a customer stays at a bar with sports on: four hours
  • Average value of a customer per hour: $20
  • Average number of customers per day with no sports: 30
  • Average number of customers per day with sports: 100

Using this example, you’ll earn about $450/day (based upon 0.75 hours x $20/hour x 30 customers) without DIRECTV.) With DIRECTV, you’ll earn $8,000 on a game day, based upon four hours x $20/hour x 100 customers. You’ll increase your game day sales by $7,550 (from $450 to $8,000) simply by investing $2,314 per year in DIRECTV with NFL Sunday Ticket. Note: Every bar’s results will be different based on a variety of factors.

Are You Ready for “Sports Bar Profits?”

DIRECTV plus a sports-viewing package typically means a packed bar on every game day. It also means your bar has unique programming even on non-game days. All this translates into your business being the place where people want to be. The result: revenue that might not normally make without the promotional tool that DIRECTV is. As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer that specializes in commercial accounts, Solid Signal can help you.

When you want DIRECTV for your bar, you need a programming package, equipment, and a partner you can trust. We provide all of that to you because customer support is our specialty. When you work with us, you’ll get the best DIRECTV service to your business. You’ll also get our free account management service for the life of your account. Ask our reps about that when you call them at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out this form and send it to us; someone will get back with you in one business.

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