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Let me drop a few “truth bombs” on you, my Solid Signal Blog faithful. The TV antenna has been with us since, well, about the 1940s. If you consider that it’s an evolution of the radio antenna, you can trace it back another generation or so. You would think that 100-year-old tech wouldn’t be terribly exciting, right?

Antennas are as cool as cool gets.

Computer chips are amazing. Things powered by chips are even more amazing. The internet is mind-boggling. But really, what could be cooler than a bunch of plain metal sticks that do magic and all you have to do is put them up on a high pole?

I mean, think about it. The essence of cool is not having to try so hard and just standing there, getting things done. That’s exactly what an antenna does.

Sure, you can pair an antenna with some of the most high-tech low-noise amplifiers that the planet has ever seen. But even without that help, an antenna is going to do its job, cool as James Dean leaning on a Mercury.

Antennas are the perfect accessory for streaming.

Hey, have you noticed how all of a sudden everyone is talking about how they’re overpaying for streaming? Streaming was supposed to be the solution for overpaying! And now, you’re paying $120 a month because you need 7 different streaming apps just to keep up with whatever is out there.

You can get a smattering of live TV with streaming apps. Apps like Pluto give you a pretty good simulation of “basic cable.” But, for the most part, you don’t get live TV like you used to. You don’t get your local channels and that means missing out on local news and sports. Yet, if you want a live streaming package that includes your local channels, you could be doubling the cost of your streaming services. Apps like Sling and DIRECTV Stream are great, but if you’re already “over” how much you pay, you probably don’t want to know what they cost.

With a TV antenna, you get dozens of channels, all live, all local, and all free. What could be better than that, especially when you’re looking to cut unnecessary TV expenses?

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