Free Preview of HD Extra Pack on DIRECTV now!

Time to fire up those DVRs again!

DIRECTV is running a free preview of its HD Extra Pack today through October 11. The HD Extra Pack was originally created for channels that have no SD counterpart, and as that distinction became less important, it matured into a home for premium content that you can’t get anywhere else. It includes HDNet Movies, which was the first 24-hour HD movie channel, plus exclusive content from Sony, MGM, Viacom, and more!

Content that you record today will always be viewable, even after the trial is over, so get recording! Of course DIRECTV would love it if you would try the HD Extra Pack for a longer time, so they generally will offer a 3-month free trial if you contact them. After that it’s very reasonably priced.

Here’s what you get (with channel numbers)
565 – Hallmark Movie Channel HD
566 – HDNet Movies
567 – MGM HD
568 – Sony Movie Channel HD
569 – Universal HD
570 – Smithsonian HD
571 – Crime & Investigation HD
572 – Palladia HD
573 – Shorts HD

It’s going to be a great weekend on DIRECTV, so fill those DVRs up!

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