Funny how an article from just a few years ago can look so dated. In this article from late 2013, I talked about “cord-nevers,” those folks who would never actually have a cable bill in their lives, They grew up on cable and satellite, that’s true, but by the time they got old enough to sign up for themselves, they skipped the cord altogether and went straight to streaming.

But who are these cord-nevers?

I call them “the generation born after 1980,” I call them “folks 18-34” but interestingly enough I never use the word “millennial.” Just five years ago that term was still so new that you had to explain it to someone. The millennial generation were just really beginning to exert themselves in 2010, and we didn’t know enough about them to really be able to define them the way we casually talk about baby-boomers or even Generation X.

Just a few years later, the first millennials are staring down the barrel of 40 and in today’s world, that means a lot of decisions. Is it time for kids? Do you want to revisit your decision never to buy a house? In the bad economy of 2009-2012, you learned some important lessons. How important are they now?

I don’t know, what do you want to do?

More importantly (to this blog at least) today’s millennials have more choice for entertainment than any generation ever. They have every choice that every generation had before them, from books to musical instruments, through radio and television. They have at their commands an internet that is tens of thousands of times more complete than the biggest libraries that ever stood. This generation has social networks, media sharing, subscription music, and yes, they even still have cable and satellite. They also have live streaming video, a fairly new invention if you think about it. That gives them all the good things about cable and satellite without the contracts and prices they seem to be allergic to.

It just makes you wonder what Generation Z, or whatever we call those kids born after 2000, will have in store for them. The first baby born in 2001 graduates high school very soon, and it should be interesting to see the world they enter, when they’re finally ready.

In the meantime…

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