DON’T DO THIS: Scare a bird off the dish

So the other day… 

This guy needs a new LNB for his dish. It’s not an uncommon request, they do go bad, but we get to talking. It seems there was a bird who liked to rest on his dish. He knew that could be a problem in the long run so he tried to scare the bird away with loud noises but it wouldn’t budge. So, according to him, he gets a .22 pistol that he normally uses for target shooting.

This guy would never hurt a defenseless animal, he says, and the thing wasn’t aimed at the bird. But it turns out, he wasn’t aiming for the dish either and he hits the LNB. Apparently, LNB’s might be weatherproof, but they aren’t bulletproof. Good thing he didn’t get the whole dish full of holes.