FUN FRIDAY: “Customer States…”

This isn’t a car blog. But I’m a guy who appreciates cars. And no matter what sort of thing you do for a living, you can appreciate the things auto mechanics go through. People come in and lie or distort what’s going on, and the car tells the real story. Satellite installers can identify, right? Your customer calls you and tells you there’s a problem. When you get to the site, you realize that they didn’t tell you something important, and that something is usually both hilarious and stupid.

In fact, I would suspect that almost as many people lie to their mechanics as lie to their proctologists. And just like proctology, there comes a point where “it” hits the fan.

Just Rolled In

YouTuber Just Rolled In specializes in collecting videos of the things mechanics can barely believe customers roll in with. The videos start with “Customer States” because that’s the typical way that mechanics make notes on work orders. For example, “Customer states that car is running rough.” But of course, these videos are both funnier and scarier than that. Here’s a typical one:

If you look at other videos on the channel, you’ll see that some of them are pretty gross. Others are scary for another reason: people try to repair their own cars and it doesn’t work out well for them. There are cases where people try to repair their exhaust with bondo or use duct tape to patch a tire. All in all it’s quite a site to see.

Tried to do something like this myself

A couple years ago I tried to get people to send in photos and videos of installations gone wrong. It didn’t work, because we felt like we couldn’t embarrass installers who might be our customers. We never know who the original installer was who put in a mess of wires and dangling parts, so we didn’t do anything at all.

Still, I end up hearing a lot of stories about installs gone wrong. If you feel brave enough, and if you can do it without naming names, feel free to leave your favorite story in the comments below!

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