We all know it’s not good for us. There’s no disputing it, though… McDonalds’ fortunes may rise and fall but they’re here to stay. The company has roughly 35 quadrillion locations(slight exaggeration) all over the world and it wouldn’t surprise anyone, I suspect, if they were the first restaurant on Mars.

Still, even though McDonald’s trades on a consistent experience, they’re not really consistent. In the USA, regional “favorites” like McLobster pop up with regularity, and once you get outside the US things get even more confusing. First off, Pulp Fiction was right… most places in the world don’t call it a Quarter Pounder, although Great Britain does. But the names aren’t really the weird part. McDonald’s really customizes their menu all over the world.

If you don’t believe me, check out this article from First We Feast. There are some pretty crazy things on the McDonald’s menu, especially in Asia. Western culture with its obsessive use of beef is less dominant there, so it makes sense that if McDonald’s thrives there it will do so with local fare.

Still, I’m not all that excited to try a Filet-o-Shrimp burger, although the McNürnburger does actually sound quite tasty.

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