Giant Eyeball on Mars

Hey, the headline got your attention didn’t it?

It’s Fun Friday, time to set aside some of the more serious things we talk about here at The Solid Signal Blog and just enjoy a dose of levity. After all, it can’t be all about satellite TV, antennas, and cell boosters, right?

This week I happened to run into an old article on Ranker called “12 Historical Headlines That Could Not Have Been More Wrong.” Sure, everyone’s seen that old “Dewey Defeats Truman” photo, and there have been some other bungles in the last decade at that level. But there’s something about knowing that this stuff was actually printed on a big sheet of paper that makes the absolute wrongness of it really stand out.

Now, I suppose that some of these headlines might be triggering, because they forecast that there won’t be any more wars (after 1918) or that there won’t be any more rock music (after 1977… wait, that might actually be true.) But if you look at them as a group you’ll realize that it’s really a testament to hard working people putting together newspapers as quickly as the can, with the little information they have.

Hey, it’s not like you’ve never been wrong. Lean back in the chair and enjoy the list, complete with actual photos of the actual newspapers. You can still pretend you’re working if you want to.

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