Old Antenna Flyers

One thing I love about the internet is how you can find all this old advertising. I happened upon the KVHF Blog recently, run by broadcaster Gary Arnold. The blog looks like it hasn’t been touched in at least two years, but that’s perfectly ok.

Obviously, as a Channel Master dealer, I was drawn to this ad from long ago but it’s only one of the many ads you’ll find there. I’d say they were mostly from the 1950s and 1960s, when TV antennas were flying off the shelves of local retailers. You’ll find plenty of other Channel Master ads and flyers as well as Winegard ones and ones for other brands, some of which are still around!

Still looks great today

A lot of those old antennas look very dated, but others look fairly current. Check out this one:

This looks like one of our HDB2X antennas crossed with an M-Wave Parabolic Antenna. It goes to show that the laws of physics haven’t changed in 50 years (of course.) It just seems like some designs are just timeless.

Of course back in those days we didn’t have modern amplifiers or high-quality electronics. These were essentially hunks of metal that caught the signal and that’s that. They had nothing but pure size going for them most of the time. And, of course back in those days, there was a lot of broadcasting on the “VHF-Low” frequencies of channels 2-6. Those frequencies need a much bigger antenna to be effectively received.

In fact, looking at a lot of these antennas you see that they are either VHF-only or spend a lot more of their real estate on VHF than UHF. That’s natural because VHF needs more real estate. It’s also because UHF back in those days was viewed as less important. In most markets, your network channels were on VHF, on frequencies as low as possible, while UHF channels were where you went for kids programming, reruns, and the occasional infomercial or latenight horrorfest.

Oh, and if Mr. Arnold is reading this… thanks for the shoutout to Solid Signal on your site!

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