She turned me into a newt (I got better)

Today’s time-suck will really make you think. Called Becoming, it shows the process of a small chunk of cells turning into a newt larva. Why a newt? Well I am not so sure other than, perhaps it’s what they had lying around.

In the course of six minutes, this totally not-CGI short will show you the process of life occurring. I wish it had more detail, like how much time this actually took. I also kind of want to know if it’s the same newt or if they had to switch to different newts because things didn’t go the way they planned. When you look at the video, you see a few cuts and maybe that’s where they switched newts.

Why am I so interested in this newt thing? Maybe it’s Friday over here too, and I’m thinking of something to talk about besides work. Hey, bloggers sometimes need a break, right?

Anyway, check out “Becoming” and other videos from Aeon which might just end up keeping you busy enough on this Fun Friday to make it all the way until the end of the day.

One more thing: who knows where the title of this article came from? Since you’ll just google it anyway, I’ll save you the time. Classic British comedy:

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