THROWBACK THURSDAY: Party like it’s 1999

When the song 1999 hit the world in 1982, it had a very different feeling. 1999 was still years away and Prince thought it would be the end of the world. Today when we “party like it’s 1999” we mean retro — a little Britney Spears, a little Back Street Boys, that sort of thing. But here are some facts that will really get you thinking, “was that just 15 years ago?

Way back in 1999:

  • Most people surfed the web at roughly .056 megabit speed.
  • 100 channels seemed very cool.
  • Record something off TV? Use a VCR.
  • The average screen size for a computer was 15-17″ and flat panels were rare.
  • Less than 5% of the population had a phone with internet access.
  • Touchscreens? No one had those.
  • If you wanted 10,000 songs with you at all times, you needed a wheelbarrow full of CDs.
  • Cameras needed film.
  • Google was a small company owned by two guys who thought it was a waste of time and tried to sell it.
  • IBM still made PCs and people still cared whether or not IBM still made PCs.
  • Bluetooth technology was 1 year old and didn’t really work.
  • Not a single Starbucks had free Wi-Fi. Neither did anyone else.
  • Kindle was just a word that people used when they started about starting a campfire.
  • Chrome was something you put on cars, not computers or phones.

When you think about the way you get through your day… isn’t it amazing how much of the stuff you rely on every day… just disappears if you party like it’s 1999.

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Stuart Sweet
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