THROWBACK THURSDAY: That time I thought Netflix would never do 4K

Back in 2013 I just didn’t believe it. Netflix said they would do 4K and I said, well, bullpucky. I wrote a whole editorial about how Netflix would never be able to do 4K quality with only 50-75 megabits per second internet. I also said that they would probably overcompress the signal but people wouldn’t care.

And you know what, I was right.

Netflix 4K looks fine for what it is, because without an 80″ TV you just can’t really see a huge difference. In fact if Netflix tried as hard to get HD streams to look good, you probably wouldn’t see ANY difference. But for the average person, at least there is some 4K out there so they can amaze their friends with just how realistic Candace Cameron looks.

The one thing I didn’t talk about back then was the lack of content. It’s still a problem three years later and I really didn’t expect that. DIRECTV has the only live 4K experience and it’s not even like any other ones have been announced. Oh well, I suppose I’ll be “throwing back” to this article in another three years and I’ll tell you how well my opinions have held up by then.

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Stuart Sweet
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