HBO Max’s Made for Love is Made for Streaming

I was all jazzed up to rave about Godzilla Vs. Kong on HBO Max but Stuart threw a curveball at me.

He said, “That’s so last week. Why don’t do something about Made for Love?”

I asked him what’s Made for Love. He replied, “It’s an original TV series starring the always-reliable Cristin Milioti. It also has Billy Magnussen, who never met a bro-role he didn’t like. Add in Ray Romano and an inexplicable relationship with a sex doll that most people just seem to accept, and you have the makings of a dark but unique movie.”

After hearing all that, how could I say no?

The Made for Love Trailer

I want you to know as much about this movie as I do. That would require you to see the trailer. Before you click play, I have to warn you. It’s very clear that Made for Love deals with some VERY adult themes. If you’re easily offended, I highly recommend NOT watching this trailer or the movie for that matter. If dark commentaries on love, technology, and interpersonal relationships are your thing, then check it out:

What Made for Love is About

So, I dug a little deeper than the trailer to find out more about this show. It’s about a woman, Hazel Green-Gogol (Cristin Milioti) who divorces her tech billionaire husband, Byron Gogol (Billy Magnussen). Anyway, the TV series focuses on the chip Byron implanted in Hazel’s brain. It lets him track her location, watch her live, and register her “emotional data.”

Okay. Given this description, I think I have an idea of what this TV series is all about. If I had to take a guess, and that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing here, I’d say Made for Love will play like a strange cross between Black Mirror and literally any comedy starring Fred Armisen. Here are some other random observations about Made for Love:

  • It’s about a tech billionaire with the last name of “Gogol.” I could say more, but we’re not that kind of blog.
  • Like Black Mirror, this is likely a commentary on the encroachment of big tech on every aspect of our lives.
  • Even in this brave new tech world, some women are still struggling for independence.

I think Made for Love is going to be one of those show that gets people talking, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Made for Love is Just What We Need

Godzilla Vs. Kong was a great movie for what it was. It was an entertaining update on the monster movies of my youth with plenty of action-packed battle scenes. Now that the circus maximus has left town, so to speak, I want to stream something a bit deeper. Made for Love could be that original TV series. I believe that between the laughs, there is going to be some rather pointed social – and social media – commentary there. I’m not sure if the April 1, 2021 launch day is symbolic of anything, though.

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