How Can I Install 17 Receivers?

Our Facebook Support Group recently showed this question:

I’m currently working on a DISH installation at a bulk property connecting 17 Wally receivers. I’m using a DISH 1000.2 Eastern Arc utilizing 61.5 and 72.7. I was told to use two high frequency splitters and two DPH42 switches. When I split the signal, I only pick up one satellite. What is the proper way to set up multiple Wallys?

Someone recently asked this question on the Support from Solid Signal Facebook forum. He certainly came to the right place to get answers. Our forum is the second-best place to find answers to even the trickiest satellite dish and TV antenna-related questions. (The best place to find answers is our blog, of course!) Well, this curious person got the answer he was looking for from none other than our in-house satellite TV expert, Stuart Sweet. He not only answered the question, he also directed the guest to valuable installation information that only the folks at Solid Signal can provide. Want to know the answer? Read on…

Installing 17 Wally Receivers


The person who asked this question was wise to do so on Solid Signal’s support Facebook forum. We are a DISH Authorized Dealer, and our team has offered helpful tips to many people doing commercial and residential installations. In this specific instance, Stuart suggested the installer use a DISH 4-way channel stacking splitter to connect the Wally receivers. He also provided a link to the DISH Pro Hybrid 42 switch installation guide. Stuart’s information should be enough to help this person finish his installation.

If he has any more questions, he knows to ask in the thread. Stuart is usually the first to respond to all questions. He sometimes gets additional input from other members, which is something we encourage. It’s all in our “about” statement, which states: “Get support from Solid Signal and the user community.” So, if you have a question, don’t be surprised if you get answers and advice from a variety of people who are all willing to help.

“So, What’s a White Paper?”

If you’re wondering about this, we’re happy to provide you with the information. A “white paper” is a document or report that guides or teaches people who to understand complex issues and/or solve common and uncommon problems associated with the subject matter. In the case of the link to the white paper Stuart provided, it offered highly detailed instructions on how to mount these DISH switches.

Speaking of white papers, Stuart has created many of these documents. These papers cover a huge variety of issues related to TV antenna installation, satellite installation, and more. Do you have a question that could be answered with one of Solid Signal’s white papers? We can tell you where to find them. Look here for diagrams, DIRECTV tutorials, antenna diagrams and tutorials, and general tutorials. Then we have the ultimate guide to a variety of cell phone booster, antenna, and other content.

It’s Not Just Satellite TV Installations

Granted, our support forum has recently got some questions from satellite dish installers. In addition to the man who wants to install 17 DISH Wally receivers, another asked about connecting an H24/200 to the internet. A third person asked about a tricky satellite installation that can’t get about 80-83 on satellite 101. Stuart and other members were able to help them all. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Sometimes our forum gets questions from cord-cutters. Most recently, someone asked the forum to help him identify a TV tower. Apparently, he wanted to build a base to install this tower at his son’s home. He thought it best to identify the manufacturer so he could match the base to the tower. Stuart and other forum members identified it as a Rohn antenna tower and provided him with the company’s contact info.

To be completely honest, I’m curious to see the finished installation. I’m tempted to leave a comment asking him to share pics on the thread once he mounts the tower. Stuart probably won’t let me do this, though. He warns me all the time about getting personally involved in other people’s installations. I can’t help but to get involved, though. When people turn to us for answers, it’s hard not to want to see them complete their installation with the info our Facebook forum provides. What’s the harm in that?

If You Can’t Find the White Paper…

… You can always ask your question in the Support from Solid Signal Facebook forum. That’s exactly what it’s for, after all. Everyone from professional satellite dish installers to first-time cord-cutters have asked us for technical advice on this page. You can too, but first you have to join. Simply go to the group’s front page and click that big blue “join” button. This sends your request to our admins, which typically gets approved in a matter of minutes.

If you’re thinking about joining the forum, it’s important that you understand our rules. Fortunately, they are fairly straightforward. We simply ask all members to treat everyone with respect and courtesy. Since this forum is all about helping people, that shouldn’t be too hard, right? Our team looks forward to answering your questions!

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