Newsweek Says We’re the Best!

Seriously! It’s not just us patting ourselves on the back. Newsweek named our e-commerce website the “Best Site for Consumer Electronics Accessories” in its September 27, 2019 edition. Our site was also ranked in the top 50 (out of about 9,500 evaluated) e-commerce sites. We had no idea Newsweek was doing this until we were notified. When we found out, everyone here was as surprised as we are proud that we won. So, we’re sure you won’t be surprised if we revel in our newfound glory a little bit.

Newsweek Has Quite a Process!

Once the shock of winning wore off, we wanted to see how Newsweek named us No. 1 among online electronics stores. Apparently, to win this award, e-commerce sites have to pass several tests based on 48 objective and subjective criteria. After making it through that rigorous process, the magazine’s analysts also tested us in these six categories:

  1. Structure and usability
  2. Trust and security
  3. Service and communication
  4. Payment
  5. Purchase and delivery
  6. Technical performance

If all that scrutiny wasn’t enough, our site was also judged by a panel of more than 8,000 online shoppers. They assessed the appearance of our site against established criteria to come up with a sub-score out of 10. The top 1,000 sites were awarded the title “Best Online Shops 2020.” Knowing that we came out on top after such a thorough process is both humbling and a cause for celebration at every desk, cubicle, and office over here.

Our Customer Service Experience

News of this honor spread like wildfire throughout our Novi, Michigan office. Everyone is excited, of course. We also wondered what we did to help us win that award. As we discussed this with each other, the answers (as far as we’re concerned) became pretty clear: our service and communication. Everyone here prides themselves on the things we do to serve our customers, including:

  • Over-the-phone technical support
  • Solving customer issues daily
  • Info shared on this blog
  • Our tutorials, white papers, and instructions
  • And much more!

These qualities have ensured our continued success since Jerry Chapman founded the company in 2002. We believe these things could have factored into Newsweek’s decision to grant us the prestigious honor as well. Everyone here also believes that the relationships we’ve built with our customers and our vendors play a HUGE role in Solid Signal’s continued success. Seriously, we couldn’t do it without you all.

About Solid Signal

Is this your first time here? Or maybe you’re a regular blog reader who doesn’t know our history. Either way, we’d love to give you a snapshot. Jerry Chapman founded the company in 2002 after he had a tough time locating a specific satellite TV multiswitch. When he shared his difficult experience on an electronics product forum, other people said they had a hard time finding that product, too.

Jerry’s vision was to create an online electronics store. It would be one that carries high-quality, name brand, digital audio and video equipment, of course. More importantly, he wanted his company to offer the best possible customer service. (How could he not after searching for hours to find a product?) Solid Signal’s reputation for customer service has helped grow the brand and establish it as a major player in online electronics retail sales.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

When some companies win awards like this, they consider it validation for their own greatness. Not us. We consider it a challenge for us to meet and exceed all the things we do that makes us successful. These are the things we believe helped us win this award in the first place! In short, Everyone at Solid Signal is committed to giving our valued customers, the best possible service. It’s what we do best, and it’s a BIG part of why you continue to choose us as your online electronics retailer!

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.