Product Spotlight: Lumantek VS10 Switcher

These days, we’re all being asked to do something we never expected in our lives. For some, it’s meant embracing technology in ways that we couldn’t have guessed. Luckily, the folks at Solid Signal have your back!

Video is replacing live events

It’s hard to know at this moment when we’ll all be able to get together in one room again. It may be soon, or it may be quite a while. But when it comes to large gatherings, people have learned that you don’t all have to be together, in order to feel togetherness. We’ve become experts at streaming platforms like Zoom. Every day seems to bring a new level of professionalism as we learn how to navigate our lives.

What started as very simple video conferences are getting more complex every day. We’re starting to share our screens, choose multiple cameras, and we’re all turning into video producers.

Enter the VS10 Switcher

Solid Signal’s latest entry to help you up your game is the VS10 Switcher from Lumantek. It will help you switch between multiple cameras to make your productions more professional. It’s perfect for a streaming rig for a house of worship, for a large meeting, or any case where you need to switch between different inputs.

It’s designed to work with professional cameras with SDI connectors, whether they are standard definition or high definition. You can also mix in HDMI sources and balanced (XLR) audio connections. The whole device can be updated over Ethernet or USB. So, you see it’s a complete package for getting your audio ready for streaming.

You can even see what you’re doing using the built-in 5″ screen, or send outputs to different monitors so you can really know what you’re doing. Look at one source in one monitor, and the eventual output in another! You’ll feel like you’re in the broadcast booth of a major news outlet in no time.

Produce like a pro

With the VS10 switcher you’ll be able to produce high-quality video on the fly. Cut between multiple sources. You can pro-quality effects and even do picture-in-picture. The entire process is easy to understand and can be taught to volunteers if you need.

This is also an excellent rig for budding youtubers or tiktokers, too. If you want your videos to have high production value, you’re probably used to doing a lot of editing after the fact. Now, with this device, you can produce live video that looks as good as anything you’ll find on broadcast TV.

The VS10 can also be connected to something like the Blackmagic Web Presenter which turns an HDMI output into a USB webcam signal for use with software like vMix and OBS. This makes it easy to “go live” on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Get the prosumer parts you need from Solid Signal

Today’s technology makes it easy for anyone to be a broadcaster. Whether you make videos, live streams, or just play around, it’s easier than ever to create something that would have been the envy of network news just a decade ago. That’s good, too, because so many of us are doing things we never expected. You might think of Solid Signal as the source for your favorite satellite or antenna accessories, but we have thousands of parts for amateur and professional video makers, too! All of them come with the same customer service you’ve always expected from Solid Signal, too.

So what are you waiting for? Get the tools you need, now!


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