Product Spotlight: Swann hidden camera

Don’t rely on your memory. For less than you would expect, you can have a permanent record of any conversation, any moment, anything in your life. And best of all, you can do it without telling anyone else.*

I’m talking about using the SWANN Key Fob Hidden Camera. It looks like any other keyless entry device, but it’s a camera that holds an SD card, records at 480p resolution, and records both picture and sound automatically.

A 2GB MicroSD card is included, but you can substitute an 8GB MicroSD card which increases the recording time from 25 minutes to about 3.5 hours, which should be long enough for any covert encounter. Battery life, though, is only about 60 minutes so it might be best to talk quickly.

Operation couldn’t be easier, once you figure out where the lens is. Point it where you need to point it, and then press the power and record buttons. To get video off the card, either remove it from the device and use a card reader, or use the USB interface. That USB interface might raise an eyebrow or two when people see it, though, so I would advise trying to hide it possibly by covering it with a key.

Overall, this is a much more fun little device than you would think and while the video quality is obviously not going to be as good as a studio camera, it’s well within the range of what you would need to get a permanent record of what you’ve been seeing.

Now for the asterisk…

See where I put a little asterisk up top? It’s only fair to tell you that there are cases where covert recording is against the law, and while you can do it in your own home, it may not be legal everywhere. I’m no lawyer, so I’d recommend reading up on the applicable law or talking to an expert if you plan on using this little device to prove your point in court.

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