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If you’re serious, you want Ubiquiti. It may have gotten popular lately for companies to create big, ugly routers with half a dozen antennas. These megadevices look at home next to equally ugly gaming rigs, and that’s what they’re designed for. If you’re looking for high performance without the extra price and flashing lights, you need to look at Ubiquiti.

Ubiquiti makes serious networking products that perform at the level you need for business. Access points scale up your wireless network by eliminating dead spots and creating one large “mesh” where the Wi-Fi coverage doesn’t drop when you go from room to room. Even more amazing, Nanostation devices act like invisible wires, bridging two points as far as 8 miles from each other with a secure, point-to-point network. They’re perfect for reaching across a warehouse or across the street.

Solid Signal has recently added dozens of new and improved products from Ubiquiti’s 2016 line at the best prices you’ll find anywhere! It’s everything you need to get a large home, small office, business or warehouse up and running with Wi-Fi coverage anywhere.

Ubiquiti products are easy to configure from a PC or Mac and support from Ubiquiti’s user base is legendary, meaning you’ll get the answers you need any time of the day or night. What are you waiting for? Shop for Ubiquiti products now at Solid Signal!

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