SOUND OFF: Would you pay for a truly premium indoor antenna?

Luxury brands are hotter than ever. People pay big bucks for a Mercedes when a Kia does the same job. They’ll shell out for the latest Galaxy or iPhone when a $40 phone will make the same calls, the same texts, and go to the same pages. But what about a luxury antenna?

The image above is Televes’ Bexia antenna. It’s very close to being available in the US and when it is, we’ll carry it. I first told you about it back at the CES show in January. Bexia is the first in a new generation of indoor antennas that combine premium materials, top-end electronics, and industrial design. You might call it the first luxury antenna.

What sets a luxury antenna apart from the rest?

In the case of the Bexia, it’s the quality of the electronics inside, more than anything. It’s designed with two different amplifiers inside, one for VHF and one for UHF. Because the antenna is so small and designed for inside, there’s a challenge to getting VHF signals. Remember that in order to get signals really well, an antenna should be 1/2 or 1/4 the length of the signal. The wavelength of VHF signals is between 8 and 12 feet and that’s why outdoor VHF antennas are so large. In order for a small antenna to pick up VHF really well, it needs to be smart. You need super-low-noise, super-efficient amplifiers. Luckily, Televes specializes in amplifiers like that. They design and make all their own components in their factory in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Another aspect of a luxury antenna is obviously the design. When you buy a sports car, you aren’t always buying for performance. You’re buying the way the car looks as much as anything else. Personally I think the Bexia is very stylish and has almost a modern art look to it. It’s small and distinctive but wouldn’t look out of place in any modern living room.

But it all comes down to money…

so I have a question for all of you. What would you pay for a Bexia, or for any sort of luxury antenna? Keep in mind you’re looking at an antenna that should outperform any indoor antenna and even potentially take the place of an outdoor antenna. This means easy installation and no worrying about condo board or HOA rules. There’s got to be some value in that, right?

Let’s work together and figure this out. What do you think the right retail price for this antenna is? What do you think you would pay? Is the blend of workmanship, style and power worth $40? $50? $75? More? Now’s your chance to make a difference. Leave a comment below and when the Bexia is available in this country, I’ll draw one comment at random from here or one of our other social channels and one lucky commenter will win a Bexia, valued at… well whatever you tell us it’s valued at. You make the call!

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