Tugboat Crew Saves Dog Trapped on Ice

MUSKEGON, MI – A tugboat crew recently became hometown heroes after saving a dog in a dangerous dilemma!

On March 4, 2020, the crew of the Barbara Andrie was on its way home from a 20-hour trip to Milwaukee. Close to port, they became startled by something they saw in the ship’s spotlight. It was a pup in a rather precarious position. The small dog was desperately clinging upon a melting piece of ice. The hardworking mariners rose to the occasion to help hoist the hound out of harm’s way, which wasn’t easy.

To hear the crew tell it, their rescue efforts were a bit of an ordeal. Captain Dave Wellington maneuvered the 125-foot tug near the dog. He had to do this without causing waves that would’ve knocked the dog into the water. Once the crew close enough, they snagged the piece of ice with a hooked pole. This let them pull the pooch to the protection of the tug.

One nail-biting moment occurred when the dog slipped off the ice flow! Fortunately, it to scrambled back onto it.

After 20 minutes of slowly pulling the dog and its icy perch, the crew had its moment. They slipped a rope around the dog and pulled it to safety. The team had to use some lunch meat to lure the scared and hungry pooch to the safety of the boat. Once they got him aboard, the crew fed him even more lunchmeat. (He earned it!)

The tugboat crew learned the dog’s name was Max and its owners lived in Muskegon. They got this info from Max’s dog tag. (This should serve as an incentive for all dog owners to get tags for their pets.) After being missing for 40 hours, the crew reunited Max with his owners. Signal Group congratulates the crew of the Barbara Andrie for their very good deed!

The Barbara Andrie is a tugboat owned and operated by Andrie, a workboat company based in Muskegon, MI. The crew on board that night included captains Dave Wellington and Matt Babbitt. Also aboard were Danny Kuiper (chief engineer), Tyler Gagnon (assistant engineer), and deckhands Jeff Wever and Craig Benedetti.

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