What’s in the Box? September 17, 2018

When it comes to rainfall, we’d like to trust the meteorologists on TV but they’re not always right. They might tell you to expect three inches of rain, then your area gets just a half an inch of rain. Or you might get more rain than the weather reporter predicted. When it comes to accurate rain measurement, the best way to be sure is to check it yourself. That’s what this week’s mystery product helps you do. Maybe you already know what it is?

Find out what’s in the box!

Introducing the La Crosse Waterfall Rain Gauge. This outdoor rain gauge measures up to five inches of rain, and uses a highly visible red marker to indicate how much rain fell. It works rather simply: you secure this device to the railing on your deck or fence. (Use the mounting screws that are included with the gauge.) When rain falls day or night, it fills up the container that is part of your rain gauge. The red floating rain marker lines up with the inch markings along the side of the gauge to easily tell you how much rain you got.

After the rain is over and you get your measurement, it’s easy to reset this rain water gauge. The folks at La Crosse Technology designed this rain measurement instrument to easily slide off its bracket, which is mounted to your rail. Once you do that, simply dump the collected rainwater out then slide the device back into place. Now you’re prepared for the next downpour or sprinkling.

Why Rain Measurement is Important

So, who would you want to measure the amount of rainfall they receive? This device is great for people who work in agriculture. Anyone who owns a farm knows that crops depend on the weather. Too much or too little water can ruin a harvest. This rain gauge can help you make adjustments in irrigation so your crops get exactly what they need after a big shower.

This outdoor rain gauge is also a great conversation piece for farmers and other agricultural workers. If the old timers down at the seed and feed ever doubt you about the amount of precipitation, you can always snap a picture of your gauge and show it to them. “You see? We actually did get three inches of rain this morning!” Who knows? They might even be impressed.

On a more practical side, this rain water gauge can save you money. How? It all happens when it’s time to water your lawn or garden. By knowing exactly how much rain you had the night or morning before, you can adjust the amount of water you use. There’s no sense drenching things if you got four inches of water earlier in the day, for example. If you pair this device with the Save-A-Drop water hose meter from P3 International, you’ll never have to worry about over- or under-watering your lawn or garden.

Get an Outdoor Rain Gauge from Solid Signal

Just so you know, this is one of many rain gauges that we carry. Solid Signal stocks a variety of these devices from La Crosse Technology and other top-selling home and garden product manufacturers. If keeping track of the rain is important to you, don’t rely on the local weather reporter. Measure it yourself with the best rain gauge from Solid Signal. If you have any questions about these products, just give us a call at 888-233-7563.


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