A $50 radio? Why would you pay that much?

iHeartRadio is free. And yet, one of our biggest sellers at Solid Signal is the line of radios made by C. Crane. From pocket-sized to desk-size, these radios never fail to perform, and you might be asking yourself why people would pay so much for something that you can get for free or for very low cost somewhere else.

The answer is quality. There are still people who believe in buying something once and keeping it for years. C. Crane radios are made to the highest possible tolerance and have more sensitive antennas and electronics than cheap drugstore models. They have features like the weather band, memories, and the ability to shut off the display for maximum battery life and minimum interference. The desktop models feature high-quality speakers with custom tuning to enhance FM and HD radio signals to deliver the best possible sound. They also work with outdoor FM antennas if you want to get the most distant stations.

There’s a difference to a C. Crane radio and it starts when you open the box. You know this is not a cheaply made item. C. Crane quality is everywhere, and it’s obvious. This is a radio that will make you glad to listen to the radio, period.

What about streaming apps? First of course not everyone has an unlimited data plan so those aren’t for everyone and certainly not for heavy users. Spotify’s tracks sound pretty good but depending on interference things can get bad fast. FM radio can be a lot more reliable than the internet while you’re driving. You know it, too– how many times have you had to switch back to your car’s radio when things started going wonky with your phone? I know it’s happened to me enough times that it’s annoying.

It’s not just AM and FM either… Ham radio enthusiasts rely on C. Crane for the best possible signal and so do fans of internet radio. Over 16,000 stations across the world put their signals over the internet for free and a C. Crane radio will tune all of them!

Why not jump in and really enjoy the radio? Try a radio from C. Crane today!

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