NEW VIDEO: Installing the weBoost Home Multiroom cell booster

weBoost has done it again with their Home Multiroom cellular signal booster. This booster replaces the Home 4G and Connect 4G boosters. You should expect it to easily provide good cell service to areas from 1,000 – 3,000 square feet, which is plenty for most homes. It’s super easy to install as well. weBoost gives you everything you need in the box and even makes installation easier than ever.

Who should buy this booster?

If you are in a relatively small space such as an apartment, small home, or very small office, this booster is going to work well for you. It includes a flat cable which can fish through most window and door cracks. This means it’s easier to install, especially in buildings where you’re not allowed to drill through the wall.

The Home Multiroom booster works well if you have at least one bar outside. If you don’t, it could still work if you put the antenna up high enough, but like all cellular signal boosters it’s not going to work if there’s no service outside.

Installing the booster

The Home Multiroom comes with all the parts you’ll need plus a printed installation guide. The weBoost site also has some instructional videos. But hey, this is Solid Signal. We give you the real story. In the video below, check out this booster as it’s installed in a real location, and then tested!

Test results are right in line with what you should expect for a mid-priced booster. No, it won’t perform as well as a commercial-grade booster but there is a strong improvement over having no booster at all. How strong? I feel confident in saying that even with one bar outside, you’ll get strong, usable cell signal at least 25-30 feet away from the indoor antenna. Place the indoor antenna somewhere that makes sense, and you’ll get great coverage indoors. No more running outside to take a call. No more missing texts or slow data speeds.

The Home Multiroom is available now at Solid Signal. For more information or to find out which booster is best for you, call our US-based call center at 888-233-7563 or fill out the form below.

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