16 Essential Tips to Enhance your Home Entertainment

Well, just because you’re stuck indoors, doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. With cinema halls, malls and theatres closed now is the best time to upgrade your home entertainment! Here are 16 ways you can do that.

What’s new in the gadget market?

A quick SWOT analysis report of the electronics industry would reveal that now is the best time for brands to market their gadgets. People are more than willing to invest in speakers, home theatre systems and good display screens.

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Set up a home theatre system

The first thing you need is a reliable home theatre system. It gives you an authentic experience of a cinema theatre at the comfort of your own home! Gadget companies are coming up with new and unique ways to market their consoles.

Check the circuit insulations.

Having a lot of electronics around the house is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you get all these fantastic tech features to enjoy. On the downside, there is an extra load on your electric circuit and monthly bill. Investing in a reliable insulating system and having fuses installed at regular intervals is a safe alternative.

Smart cable management

With so many gadgets and electronic items around the house, the wiring system of the house gets pretty complicated. This is where effective cable management comes into play. Most people just stuff all the loose wires at the back of the table. I would recommend you take some time out to sort through the mess.

Invest in good speakers

A good set of speakers can make a world of difference to your movie-watching experience. Most brands now have a new design for speakers that suit home theatre systems.

Get a pair of wireless headphones.

A pair of wireless headphones enhance your overall gaming and watching experience. Most of the models also come with a unique noise-cancelling feature. This is an excellent gadget for people who have hearing difficulties. All the sounds and dialogues are crystal-clear, and wireless Bluetooth-enabled technology provides better flexibility.

Opt for a surround sound system

The surround sound system further enhances your experience. For with these speakers you can get the whole movie-watching look and feel. Every sound and vibration feel amplified, making it so much better. These systems come with multiple HDMI ports, so they can connect and stream multiple platforms.

Get a better amplifier

Now that you have the surround sound system let’s talk about the other gadgets to further improve your experience. The amplifiers from Dolby, for instance, is compatible with almost every TV or home theatre. And these devices have dedicated direction cues to ensure that the sound is evident on all corners of the room. It also adjusts the acoustics of the room, adding on to the immersion

Upgrade your TV set

Moving on to the visual aspect, it would be a good idea to upgrade your TV and get a bigger screen. I know getting an LCD screen cuts a big hole in your pocket, but it is worth the investment. Getting a high-quality flat panel screen to come cheaper than the OLED ones. Plus, the bevel sides and ergonomic design is easy on the eyes.

Get a new projector

If you want the quintessential theatre experience, then getting a projector is a good idea. And with a projector, you can view movies in your home theatre as well. And when you think of a projector, other gadgets tag along as well. For instance, you need an appropriate screen, long cables, AV equipment and more.

Find a sturdy mount

Mounting your TV screen on the wall creates a better viewing angle. It really does feel like you are inside a theatre, watching a movie unfold on the big screen. Wall-mount structures also go well with the interior décor of your place. They go well with small home theatres, suitable for compact apartments. It keeps the room spacious, de-cluttered and minimalistic.

Adjusting display settings

The display settings on the TV ensures that the colour, brightness, and contrast remain well adjusted. When you calibrate the display on your home screen or theatre, it also protects your eyes from damage. Some display settings also come with AI features Auto motion plus etc. for a better experience.

Have a universal remote

A universal remote can control both your TV and the home theatre. It allows you to browse through multiple streaming platforms, screens, and consoles. The universal remote makes things a lot easier for the user. You can navigate through different platforms with the click of a button.

Add a gaming console.

A gaming console is a perfect addition to your home entertainment unit. Most home theatre systems and displays also support gaming graphics. You and your partner/roommate can now enjoy RP-games with some killer VR effects and audio at home!

Skip demographic restrictions

Multi-region Blu-ray media players allow complete access to content across the world. This means you can even check out the movies and shows that were otherwise not available in your country. You can even check out the content in different languages, complete with subtitles and excellent graphics.

Invest in NAS drives or other storage

A robust NAS drive or media PC allows you access to all your digital downloads. You can even access your personal video collection directly on your TV without any external USB cable. Connecting to an HDMI or cable allows the user to instantly stream any content on their TV. You can even join your Netflix or Prime account to your TV and binge watch shows on a bigger screen.

Control the lighting

The lights around the room make a world of difference to your movie-watching experience. You can check out opaque blinds and curtains to create a theatre-like ambience around the living room. Keeping the room cool and dark also ensures that the projector works appropriately.

Buy a comfy couch

A comfy couch is just what you need to complete the home entertainment package. For all the gadgets and tech-wonders, a right sofa can make things even more remarkable. Most couches also come with armrests, cup holders and a plush cushion.

The bottom line

2020 has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. We’ve all been locked up in our homes for what seems like forever, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying at home is the new norm that everyone must adjust to. I hope these ideas keep you entertained!


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