Antenna TV: the parent’s best friend

It’s tough enough to be a parent. You have to try to protect your kids at every turn while trying not to appear paranoid. Controlling what your kids watch is certainly tougher than it ever was, too. There are so many choices and so much content, even on basic cable, that’s just not suitable for young kids.

You can start with setting your TV’s parental controls. We wrote an article series on how to do it, and while every TV is different, most of the procedure doesn’t change. But in many families, the kids are more tech-savvy than the parents. There are ways around parental controls in many cases and so your children are back to watching Game of Thrones when you’re not around.

What if you could guarantee that your kids wouldn’t see nudity or profanity on TV? What if you knew that there wouldn’t even be a lot of violence until after bedtime? It seems impossible, even with today’s technology, right? Actually the answer is simple… just cut the cable and give the kids an HD-BLADE antenna!

Unlike cable and satellite content, broadcast content is subject to rules about broadcasting indecent programming. (Yes it’s true, sometimes something will, ahem, “slip” out in the Super Bowl, but that’s rare.) Broadcast stations must serve the public by providing family-friendly programming. You can argue whether so-called trash TV is serving anyone, but at least all the profanity is bleeped out.

If your kids have a flat panel, you have everything you need to attach the HD-BLADE. Connect it to the “OFF-AIR” or “ANTENNA” input on the back and use the TV remote to scan for off-air channels. (It’s different on every TV but it usually starts by pressing the {MENU} button.) Within minutes you’ll have dozens of family-friendly programs available. If the kids want to watch something that’s only on cable or satellite they will have to leave their bedrooms so you can monitor their viewing. Sounds like a miracle, right? It’s just modern technology that actually works for you for a change.

If you’ve given the kids an old tube TV, make sure you pick up a converter box from and hook the HD-Blade up to it. After that, it’s the same thing… no nudity and no profanity period, and much less violence than you see on cable or satellite.

Don’t forget, if you’re paying for a cable box for your kid, you can cut that cost too and pay for the antenna in a month or two!