How can you find DIRECTV’s live 4K channels?

Well, you can’t, not yet.

DIRECTV’s 4K broadcasts full-time will probably start in April, 2016. We do know for sure that the Masters tournament will be broadcast in 4K, but DIRECTV hasn’t announced when the live 4K channel that’s expected to follow will start. There’s an excellent bet that they’ll talk about it at the DIRECTV Revolution dealer show in the second week of April.

When 4K content is available, it will very likely be on a channel in the 100s. (The smart money is on channel 104.) If you can’t see 4K channels in the guide once they’ve been announced, press the {INFO} button while watching live TV, then arrow over to “Favorites.” Arrow down to “Channels I Get” and press {SELECT}. You can also search for 4K content by pressing {MENU}, arrowing down to “Search and Browse” and entering 4K as the search term.

There are expected to be between one and three 4K channels, showing a variety of content including sports, live events, and pre-recorded programming. Remember, in order to receive 4K, you need an HR54 Genie DVR as well as a C61K 4K Genie Mini client (or DIRECTV 4K Ready Smart TV.) The HR54 will record, but not output, 4K programs.

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