Can you take an antenna with you when you move?

Yes, I understand that to some people it may seem like a silly question. But when you realize that most of us who move into an older house have an antenna on the roof that was there when we moved in… you might wonder. Most people do leave large antennas mounted to their roofs and so it’s worth talking about it, at least for a few minutes.

Yes you can take it with you but…

There is no reason you can’t take an antenna with you when you move. It just might be a little harder than you think. Of course there’s the matter of getting up on the roof to disconnect it, but you can get past that. The hardest part is actually moving an antenna. Most of them aren’t designed to sit flat on the ground and that can making moving them a real challenge. Just laying one down can damage the delicate elements, making the antenna less useful. For this reason, it makes sense to actually take the antenna’s mast or mount off the roof at the same time, so moving the entire thing simply requires wedging the mast in between some boxes or strapping it into the truck somehow.

If you have your mast strapped to the chimney, this is generally easy, and at the worst you’ll need some penetrating lubricant or WD-40 to get the eye bolts that hold the mount together to move again. If the mast is actually attached to the roof, though, you risk damage to the roof if you remove it. In cases like that it actually makes sense to get a post or stake to use while the antenna is being moved, and leave the mast attached to the roof. Roof leaks are no fun and you don’t want to leave the next homeowners with a problem.

Mounting when you’re at your new home

Assuming you have moved your antenna to a new house, it should be very easy to attach. If the previous homeowner didn’t leave you a mast or any mounting, check out the selection of mounting supplies at Solid Signal. You’ll find everything you need for pretty much every installation. Aiming the antenna is just a matter of knowing where the towers are relative to your area and if you can’t find that information locally, just call your friends at Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 and they’ll be happy to help out.

Wiring the antenna should be easy. This is especially true if the previous owners have left old satellite or cable TV line. Of course you might need to use that cable (for example for internet.) It’s easy to use old cable or satellite line. Generally, the most you may have to do is change out the splitters. You’ll need to use ones that are intended for general-purpose use.

Of course, you can always buy a new antenna that suits your new home’s location a little better. It’s often the better choice. If you do… be a good sport. Leave your old one on the roof for the next person to enjoy. Maybe even leave them a note to shop at Solid Signal for the things they need. Who knows, you might be responsible for introducing someone else to the magic of cord-cutting!

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