Can you put your cell booster outdoors?

A customer asked something like this recently, and I sent them to this article. No, they said, you don’t understand. They didn’t want to use the cell booster outdoors. They just wanted to mount the main amplifier in a shed with an open window. The actual indoor antenna would remain indoors.

I’ll admit that I still don’t understand why they would want to do that, but hey, this is Solid Signal. We’re here to make your electronic dreams come true, not question whether or not they make sense.

So let’s dig into this.

Environmental factors at work

There are two things that need to be considered when looking at where you mount your cell booster. There’s temperature, humidity, and dust control. In general, cell boosters are designed to be mounted and used in comfortable, dry, dust-free environments.


Every cell booster is going to have its own specifications for operating temperature. In general you should operate your booster in the same temperatures that are comfortable to you: about 50 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Much colder and you risk condensation forming on the device. Much higher and the components could begin to fail. It’s worth noting that the components themselves can run much higher temperatures than the outside casing, and they rely on the relatively cool temperatures around the unit to keep them from overheating.


For the most part the humidity in the air isn’t going to make a difference with a cell booster. Although, if you happen to be in Atlanta, New Orleans, or one of the other moisture capitals of the USA, you might be exempt from that statement.

However, what will kill your cell booster is actual water. Cell boosters aren’t IP rated at all. One drop of water could cause them to short out. Even a heavy mist could eventually cause corrosion on the connectors.

For the most part a cell booster should be in the same sort of environment that makes humans comfortable: from 25-70% relative humidity is just fine by them. Extreme dryness could potentially cause short circuits but it’s unlikely.

Dust control

Dust can be a real enemy to all electronics. Most cell boosters are largely sealed, since they don’t need fans. However, dust can creep in and eventually cause short circuits. It’s a good idea to keep a cell booster inside. I’m not saying you need to dust it or anything, just keep it away from the really dirty environments if you can.

Keep your cell booster happy and it will keep you happy

If you choose the right cell booster, it will give you years of problem-free service. But of course there are a few things your cell booster would tell you if it could. Give it good clean electricity. Keep it out of the heat, including direct sunlight. Keep it away from water. Don’t let it get excessively dusty. And above all, your cell booster would want you to know that if you do replace it, you should choose wisely. You should definitely choose that replacement from the great selection you’ll find at Solid Signal.

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