Can you use an H44 receiver with a round dish or RV dish?

It seems like it’s been forever since we talked about a new DIRECTV box. The Genie 2 came out in late 2017, but in order to really find a new non-DVR receiver for commercial use, you have to look back to 2011. Yes, believe it or not, 2011. That’s when the H25 receiver came out. In all that time, it’s been the newest receiver approved for commercial use.

Finally, that’s over. DIRECTV took the H44 receiver, which was used in the mid-’10s for homes. The H44 was offered as a receiver that could be converted to a full-fledged Genie DVR when needed. The marketplace didn’t really embrace this design, since DIRECTV was offering Genie DVRs to new customers at highly discounted rates. But, the H44’s life wasn’t over.

Most folks don’t realize this, but it can take several years to get a new receiver designed and built. That’s normally not a problem, but our commercial customers told us they needed something now. After ten years, the supply of H25s was starting to thin out. So DIRECTV went to work adapting the already-designed H44 for commercial use. You can get one now from Solid Signal.

What’s so special about the commercial H44?

The H44’s hardware is the same no matter what. There’s a new manufacturing run that gets rid of the old “cyclone” logo on the front, but everything on the inside is exactly the same. The difference is in the software. Commercial H44s run special software that’s different in two big ways:

  • Single Tuner Mode: Residential H44s pull 5 tuners from the SWM even when they aren’t being used. Commercial ones pull only 1. However, DVR function is completely turned off.
  • Commercial Apps: The apps and interactive sections have been redesigned for commercial customers to show only those things that work for commercial accounts.

But the big question is…

Does the H44 work with a round dish, a mobile dish, or anything else that emulates a round dish? The answer is, “no.” You can’t successfully connect the H44 to an in-motion mobile dish. The reason is the updated software inside. I know, that doesn’t seem like it makes sense. Why would new software take away function? Well, it does.

The H44 runs the same basic software as all Genies. That software does not allow for customers to select anything but the Slimline dish series. That means if you were using a round dish before, this isn’t the receiver for you.

On the other hand, if you have the Winegard Trav’ler on your RV’s roof, you can use the H44 receiver. This dish doesn’t work while the RV is moving, but it does act like any other Slimline dish. Therefore, it’s just fine for the commercial version of the H44.

Confused? Need help?

If you’re not sure what you need for your business, RV, boat, or any other commercial installation, call the experts! We have decades of experience helping customers just like you with installation problems. Our team has ways of working through DIRECTV’s systems that other people don’t. Don’t believe us? Call 888-233-7563 during working hours and get a taste of what we call “white glove service.” We’re here to make it all easy for you!

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