DIRECTV Customers: Control your family’s pay-per-view spending

It’s so easy.

DIRECTV gives you a full set of parental controls that you can use to keep your kids from watching anything you don’t want them to watch, and that includes pay-per-view. If you’ve recently come home and found that your child has bought Frozen 16 times this month, each time for a fee, you’re probably ready to toss your DVR out the window. (Please don’t.) The good news is that you have control.

At your DVR, press {MENU}, Settings&Help, Parental Controls, then scroll down to Spending Limits. You can set a limit for how much can be spent on a purchase, and you can set that limit to $0.00 if you want. Unfortunately there’s no way to give a monthly spending limit, but this is an excellent start. The spending limit can be as high as $655 (an odd number to be sure, but that is far more than any single event anyway.) Or it can be as low as you want.

While you’re in the Parental Controls screen, take a look — you can lock out your child’s access to any channel, any rating, at any time. And if you lock parental controls with a four-digit code that only you know (hint, don’t make it your child’s birthday) then you know you’re safe.

Looking for a full tutorial on DIRECTV Parental Controls? Check this one out.