DIRECTV solves “the Cinemax problem”

Cards on the table, it’s been a long time since anyone knew what to do about Cinemax. Launched forty years ago to cater to movie lovers, the channel has never really found a following. Over the years, HBO’s parent companies have struggled to figure out what to put on the channel, as HBO itself also showed a large number of movies. In the 2000s, the channel got the nickname of “Skinemax” as it featured a lineup of soft porn during late night hours. In the ’10s, there was a short period where it was home to some original programming. All along the way, Cinemax has been treated as HBO’s less desirable brother.

“The Cinemax Problem”

The problem with Cinemax in the late ’10s and early ’20s has been simply that it’s almost invisible. The iOS app for Cinemax was ignored to the point where it almost came off the App Store altogether for not working with modern operating systems. There was no streaming app for Cinemax that would have been a companion to HBO GO, in the days before HBO Max. Although Cinemax managed to find its way as an “add-on channel” to services like Prime Video, it’s proven very hard to find in the streaming universe.

I think we all hoped that the coming of HBO Max would solve this problem. To a degree, it has. But only to a degree. There’s still a fair number of movies that aren’t available on HBO Max, but are available on Cinemax. I use the JustWatch app to figure out what is where, but there are other options if you don’t like that one. Every time there’s a movie I want to see and I see it’s only on Cinemax, it makes me wonder.

The solution

The solution is simple and if you’re reading this blog, you probably already have it. If you have DIRECTV satellite, you can enhance your viewing AND streaming experience. Instead of subscribing to HBO Max, add HBO to your satellite TV package instead. The prices are comparable, and you get a lot more value! When you add HBO to your satellite TV package, you get tons of live TV channels, thousands of on-demand programs, and of course, access to Cinemax. You also get the HBO Max app for free, meaning that this won’t cost you more at all!

When you add HBO and Cinemax to your DIRECTV package, you can go to Cinemax’s on-demand page and stream all that stuff you can’t get on your streaming box. A lot of it is available through DIRECTV’s mobile apps too, and that solves that very large loophole.

Get HBO and Cinemax now

You can add HBO and Cinemax by going to your account at, but if you need help, why not get white glove service? Call the experts at Solid Signal now at 888-233-7563. We’re here during East Coast business hours. You won’t get shoved into a queue waiting for an overseas rep you can’t understand. You’ll get a real expert in our Novi, Michigan corporate offices, ready and willing to help! That’s the kind of service you deserve!

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