DIRECTV Stream is the perfect solution for TV in your new RV.

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Getting away from the house seems like an excellent idea now. It’s always been fun to take a trip, but it does seem like many of us have been at home an awful lot in the last two years. No wonder that the recreational vehicle has been a hot seller for most of 2021. Even used RVs are flying off lots. (Well, not literally. That would be a mess. But you know what I mean.)

If you buy a used RV, you may find that it has a satellite TV system already attached to it. These were common upgrades in the ’00s and ’10s. A lot of folks with satellite TV systems pre-installed are turning to Signal Connect to activate new satellite service. After all, it’s an inexpensive way to add live TV to your RV experience.

But what about folks with new RVs? You absolutely can add a satellite system to your new RV. Of course, it’s a little more expensive because you need to get the equipment. If you do add satellite TV to your RV, you’ll end up happy, but it’s not a choice for everyone. New RVs are pricey enough as it is and you may not choose to add a satellite system right now.

You’re not out of luck, though.

You can get the best of DIRECTV without a satellite system. DIRECTV Stream is an internet-based solution that brings you live TV wherever you have a connection. It’s perfect for folks who travel a lot. You can have one account that works at home and on the road. It will work on your TV, phone, tablet, and even on your computer. For those who travel, it’s just about perfect.

With DIRECTV Stream you have the option of a dedicated box that looks and works like a cable box. You can also use popular streaming devices or just use your phone or tablet. No matter where you watch DIRECTV Stream, you get live TV, on-demand, and the ability to record and watch the programs you want. All the DVR service is in the cloud, meaning you can watch it anywhere.

Best of all, you can choose month-to-month service if you so desire. That means if you prefer a different pay-TV service at home (why would you, but ok) you can just pay for DIRECTV Stream while you’re on the road.

Connect to DIRECTV Stream

While you’re away from the house, DIRECTV Stream uses a cellular connection. Obviously that’s not a problem if you’re watching on your phone. If you want to watch on your TV you’ll want to have a hotspot or cellular router to provide Wi-Fi to a streaming device. If you have the top unlimited plan from AT&T, you can also use tethering to connect using your phone.

No matter how you connect though, you’ll want the strongest possible cell signal. That means you’ll want a vehicle cell phone signal booster. Cell boosters take the signal from outside and amplify it up to 1,000 times so that it can be used in your RV. They work whether you’re driving or parked, and they support all the devices in your RV at the same time. They’re a great investment and generally can be installed by yourself with a minimal amount of effort.

Choose DIRECTV Stream and a cell phone signal booster like the Drive Reach RV from weBoost and you’ll get the TV you want, wherever you may roam. If you’re looking to sign up for DIRECTV Stream, call us at 888-233-7563. We can also help you choose the right cell phone signal booster for the perfect experience!

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