Does DIRECTV have a month-to-month plan?

This is one of the most popular questions out there on the internet about satellite television. I was surprised that there wasn’t a current answer. You find some forum posts from almost ten years ago, but nothing definitive. So, here goes.

DIRECTV Satellite does NOT have a month-to-month plan.

That’s right, I hate to disappoint you right off the bat. Even if you have been a customer for a long time, you can’t really get a month-to-month plan from AT&T for DIRECTV satellite. At one point it was “kind of” possible but you’d pay activation fees and all. Today though, practically any change to your service will trigger a 2-year commitment for residential customers.

Commercial customers have the closest thing to a month-to-month plan since all the equipment is bought outright. However there are a lot of challenges to doing it this way and for regular folks it may be a little too much to take on.

There are options, though.

Suspending service or changing service address is an option

You can suspend your DIRECTV service once a year for up to six months. This can end up just like a month to month plan if you’re using the service for your RV or boat. It’s often the best plan if you have a vacation home, boat, RV, or any other “secondary” location.

You can also change your service address once a year, which can help if you have a winter home and a summer home. But, that once-a-year rule is pretty strict and it may end up that you could be without service if things don’t overlap perfectly.

AT&T TV is also out there for you

AT&T TV is the live TV service from AT&T that doesn’t require a satellite dish. It’s a lot like DIRECTV Satellite but you can use it without a dish. It works anywhere that there’s good Wi-Fi or wired internet. If your phone or other device allows tethering, you can use it on an RV as well.

AT&T TV is an option for people who want to go month-to-month and the plans are better than ever. You get DVR service, ability to pause, tond of on-demand content and your popular streaming apps all in one small box that works like a cable box. Only difference — no cable!

Get the right option for you

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