Installing an antenna in the winter? It could be dicey

It can be scary, depending on where you live. Putting an antenna on the roof in the snowy seasons is a fairly bad idea. Frankly, we don’t recommend it, so you may wonder why it is that I’m showing you a picture of our biggest outdoor antenna in December. Sitting in our Arctic paradise of Novi, Michigan, it’s awfully hard to remember that about 40% of people in our country don’t experience consistent winter weather. 20% of Americans live where it rarely ever snows. So, for someone like that it’s perfectly normal to think about climbing up on the roof in December. Those lucky warm souls don’t give it another thought.

If you are thinking of putting up an outdoor antenna this month, do be careful though… just because there’s no snow doesn’t mean there’s no danger. Watch your step and remember, never ever climb up there if you see any lightning in the forecast. Once you get past that warning, however, there’s no reason not to spend a little time getting free TV while you’re climbing up to put up those holiday lights. The season will come and go, but that feeling of satisfaction that comes from saving $100 a month on your cable bill truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Hey, you know an outdoor antenna could be a great gift too… especially if you live somewhere you could put it up right away. Even without that possibility, there’s something very tantalizing about a gift that could save thousands of dollars over its lifetime, and that lifetime could be decades. Remember of course that all of the top ten programs are available using an antenna for free!

And as for those of us who find ourselves looking out at snowy pastures… maybe this is a time to experiment with an indoor antenna. They work great too and don’t require any time spent outside, which suits me just fine about now.