How would you like to get all the best channels for free?

Paying for TV sucks. Yes, I’m a fan of satellite TV and all, but even I have to admit that paying upwards of $2,000 every year just for your TV service is no fun. What would you do if you had another $2,000 to spend?

The good news is, it’s completely up to you. Almost every American has a choice — pay for TV or … don’t! You can get dozens of free channels even without an internet connection just by using a TV antenna. TV antennas come in all shapes and sizes and the chances are good that you can use a smaller one that fits next to the TV.

Maybe you haven’t thought about TV antennas since your last trip to grandma’s house, where the one that grandpa put up, back in 1965, is still sitting on the roof looking a little cockeyed. Well, life has changed since 1965 and so have TV antennas. Today’s antennas are smaller, more effective, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes that look extremely modern. Some even practically disappear?

You probably also don’t realize that you could be getting a lot more local channels than your cable or satellite provider offers. With today’s digital technology, you can fit up to 10 different TV services on one channel, Most channels have at least two or three, meaning you’re losing out on about two-thirds of the stuff you could be watching! This means classic TV, game shows, public interest stuff, shopping, it’s limitless!


If you are within 15 miles from a major city, chances are that you can use an antenna like this one, which is almost completely transparent. There are a lot of indoor antennas available and they’re all a lot better than the old “rabbit ears” you may remember. All you need to do is shop the great selection at Solid Signal.

If you are further than that, you can use an outdoor antenna. Your HOA or condo board can’t stop you as long as the antenna is smaller than 39″ in any direction. That should be enough to get most channels if you’re within about 30 miles of the center of the city. There is a vast selection of outdoor antennas available for you to browse and buy now. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your need – if you’re further away, you’ll likely need a bigger one.

If you’re really far away or have a special need, you can even get one of those old-school-looking monstrosities you may remember from days past. This big antenna and others like it are designed for people far from urban areas or people who have “special” reception needs, like the people of rural Pennsylvania who need to get channel 6 from Philadelphia. You can check out our selection here.

The best thing is, you’re not alone. If the selection of antennas has you bamboozled, there’s a free service where professionals will look at your location and recommend an antenna that will work for you. You don’t have to guess!

The best part of all of this is that most people will make up their investment in an antenna in one or two months. After that you’re just piling up the savings!

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